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Animal Handling Presentation and Fact Sheets

This online course supports the Animal Handling Training offered by the Education and Outreach department for our husbandry volunteers or Humane Teens wishing to assist with various E&O programs. This is a great review if you have already had the training OR a fantastic preview if you plan on taking this training in the future.
  • Animal Handling Presentation
  • African Sulcata Tortoise Fact Sheet
  • Ball Python Fact Sheet
  • Bearded Dragon Fact Sheet
  • Corn Snake Facts
  • Ferret Fact Sheet
  • Domestic Rabbit Fact Sheet
  • Blue Tongued Skink Facts Sheet
  • Guinea Pig Facts Sheet
  • African Pygmy Hedgehog Facts Sheet
  • Leopard Gecko Facts Sheet
  • Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches Facts Sheet
  • Milk Snake Facts Sheet
  • Millipede Facts Sheet
  • Sonoran Desert Toad
  • Woodhouse Toad Facts Sheet
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed